The View Tab will allow you to check for space available and show you the campus events and classes already scheduled by times and locations. 

Based on your credentials you will receive access to request space for certain locations under the Reservations Tab. Remember that your submittal is only a request for space. You will receive an email acknowledging your request for space, followed by a second email which will either  confirm or a deny your request once the review process has been completed. The review process varies depending on the space being requested so please allow three business days for processing. The system will not accept any reservation request which has an event starting time less than one business day from the time of submittal. 


For instructions and video tutorials on how to use the reservation system, please use the following link: 

SWAT & Event Support offers event assistance and equipment such as chairs, tables, podiums, and other equipment.  Formerly, requests for support were handled by this reservation site.  Beginning Thursday, 2/16/16, you will need to request their assistance by logging in to and then click on the Campus Services tab.  Once there, look for the Quick Links box and click on the Event Services Work Orders link. You may also place a request by calling Ryan Stewart at 358-5927.  If you need assistance placing your request, please call Dianna Zimmerman at 358-3927. 

Rooms in the College Houses (Bonchek, Brooks, New College House, Ware, and Weis) CANNOT be reserved through this website. Please contact the appropriate Dean for questions regarding availability and room requests. 

Request for space with less than one business day notice need to be directed to the College Reservationist at 717-358-3927 or by email

If you need to edit/cancel a request, or confirmed event, please go to "Reservations" then "View My Requests". From here you will be able to select the reservation number that you wish to change. Proceed with changes by clicking on "Edit" and then "Update".

To return to this home page at anytime while searching or making reservations, just click on the Franklin & Marshall logo in the upper left corner of the page.